Mobile Printing – Security

By Marketing Group / November 5, 2015 / Comments Off on Mobile Printing – Security

Mobile Printing: Security Needs When printing documents using a mobile device, sometimes people will tell you that they avoid printing on a mobile because they want maintain top security. However, almost all your major brands will offer various levels of accessibility to control and protect your printers. In addition, this can be used for accounting…

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Mobile Printing – Increase Productivity

By Marketing Group / October 31, 2015 / Comments Off on Mobile Printing – Increase Productivity

Mobile Printing: Amp up Productivity According to InfoTrends, the biggest barrier to printing on a mobile device comes down to connectivity problems associated with the printer. We have seen many office workers who do not print from their mobile device because they do not believe it is worth the hassle. However, it does not have…

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Cutting Copier Costs

By Marketing Group / October 20, 2015 / Comments Off on Cutting Copier Costs

Methods to Cut Costs on Your Copier Every business owner wants to save money where possible, which is why it can be helpful knowing a couple tips to save on your next copier. When using a copier, the more you save, the more you will have leftover in profit. We have a few things that…

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Ready for a Document Management System?

By Marketing Group / October 17, 2015 / Comments Off on Ready for a Document Management System?

Document management systems let you turn documents into electronic files that can be found easily through keywords. The advantage is that you still have a hard copy if needed, without having to search for it every time you need it. This especially becomes vital for business practices where knowing where the right file is will…

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Digital or Offset Printing?

By Marketing Group / October 11, 2015 / Comments Off on Digital or Offset Printing?

Digital Printing or Offset Printing: What’s Better? We work with a variety of machines, and in the past, offset printing dominated the industry, but as technology advances, digital printer has played a bigger role in the market. What will be the best solution? Ultimately, that will depend on the requirements of your business. Offset printing…

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Changing a Toner – Quickly

By Marketing Group / October 2, 2015 / Comments Off on Changing a Toner – Quickly

Changing a Toner Bottle in 10 Seconds Ever get that alert on your touchscreen that you need to replace the toner? Your palms start sweating, and you feel a cold chill run up your spine. You look for the nearest exit sign. Run! Everybody run for your life! Wait…it does not have to be that…

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Copier Meter Reads Made Easy

By Marketing Group / September 25, 2015 / Comments Off on Copier Meter Reads Made Easy

How to Receive an Easy Meter Read Reading a meter does not have to be difficult. In fact, most copiers will operate similar except for differences in wording. A meter gives you an accurate representation of the number of documents that you have processed through the machine. This will include anything that has been printed…

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Leasing a Copier – Fast Approvals

By Marketing Group / September 11, 2015 / Comments Off on Leasing a Copier – Fast Approvals

Faster Approval than the Bank Are you a business owner? If so, you probably understand the importance of using a copier or printer on a daily business to meet the demands of your business. However, what happens if your printer breaks or malfunctions over a period of time? You would lose money, and it could…

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Why Lease? Cash Control

By Marketing Group / September 7, 2015 / Comments Off on Why Lease? Cash Control

Cash Flow Control: Copier Lease Ever wanted a copier, but you could not afford to sink that much capital into a copier. In the office, copiers are a key to success, but they are one of the most expensive hurdles for businesses to jump. However, you do not have to make a monolithic payment all…

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Lifesaving Tips for Moving a Copier

By Marketing Group / July 30, 2015 / Comments Off on Lifesaving Tips for Moving a Copier

Moving a copier, especially the larger units, can become a dangerous and cumbersome task. In addition, you want to move it carefully to reduce your chances of damaging the internal components. Here some tips for moving a copier: First, take out the consumables if you plan to ship the copier. This ensures that the toner…

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