Copier Meter Reads Made Easy

AgreementHow to Receive an Easy Meter Read

Reading a meter does not have to be difficult. In fact, most copiers will operate similar except for differences in wording. A meter gives you an accurate representation of the number of documents that you have processed through the machine. This will include anything that has been printed or copied. However, scans do not count because the machine does not produce the documents in a hard-copy form. If you made 15 copies of an important document, that results in showing 15 clicks on the meter.

While it depends on the machine, you may also see additional information such as black-and-white or color clicks. In the first step, you have to locate the control panel, which will be a big screen surrounded by buttons on your copier. With step two, you will have to look for a utility button that will normally be found on the left side of the panel. Sometimes, it will even say Meter.

After you have pressed utility, the screen on your control panel should go into the utility menu. Once in this menu, you will see a screen that reads Counter List. Press it. Step four will take you to the control panel screen. You might see different options that break the counter into different categories. However, you will also see the Total Counter, which will let you know how many clicks you have had.