Data Security and Houston Copiers

Forget to Protect the Copier?

If you are looking to buy a copier in Houston, maybe you have seen the scare news reports on copiers and data security.  Maybe you are in an oil company or a food distribution company and you are definitely not OK with your data “floating around” out there.

Did you know that most office copiers in Houston have a hard drive in them and the hard drive can contain documents you have copied on your copier?  Maybe you get lucky and there is nothing too terrible.  Maybe you don’t and social security numbers are risked, your payroll expenses, your internal accounting documents.  All sorts of information can be gathered when you don’t protect your sensitive data very well.  What can you do?

  1. You can make sure you have the data security kit when you buy a new copier.
  2. You can set data security protocols on the copier, like nightly erase of the user portion of the hard drive
  3. You can make sure when you buy a new copier in Houston, the company you deal with takes your data as seriously as you do.

If you need a copier in Houston, please give us a call and we’ll make sure your data is as safe (or safer) than it is at the office right now!