Getting a New Copier in Houston

When it comes to asking questions about a Houston copier, do not be afraid to ask. Questions allow your sales representative to service you better. However, always test them to see that you have an honest representative. Some receive a commission for their sales, so honesty may not be their top priority. Here are some questions to ask a representative:

  • Do you need a tabloid?
  • How many pages per minute can be printed?
  • Will we need another device for this Houston copier?
  • What is your time frame?

Asking questions will turn you into an informed consumer that makes an educated purchase. A smart buyer is a happy buyer. Additionally, ask about the pages per minute, compatible cartridges and features of your Houston copier. Understanding the purpose for the copier will help you to make the best decision. For example, a medium-sized office may need certain features that a home office would not. One example would be a password to give printing privileges to trusted people who will not abuse the right. This maximizes the economics in the office and ensures that you save money on supplies for your copier.