Houston Copier Costs

Make the Smart Copier Choice

Houston: Copier Costs

The costs of operating a copier machine often elude the attention of Houston merchants who are looking for a new copier for their operational needs. While the initial cost of some machines may appear lower, the running costs, in some cases, could really add up. This effectively neutralizes the benefits gained from the lower price!

Businesses who encounter this problem typically have the attitude that a copy machine is a copy machine, and there should not be any valuable time spent to distinguish between one model and another. However, consider the following facts:

• Click charge rates factor in each printed page
• Labor costs include installation, maintenance, and related service charges
• Associated equipment and supplies
• Color is more expensive than black and white

Like any other investment decision, a copy machine should be viewed as the long-term asset that it is; in other words, do not forget to account for depreciation expense over its useful life when calculating the costs of operating the machine. Office equipment that lasts for over a year has specific valuation properties.