Xerox the Innovators

The Innovation of XEROX

If you are a Houston company looking for a copy machine, consider buying a machine from a company with a long history of innovation, XEROX.

In 1938, Chester Carlson and Otto Kornei set out to develop the process of dry copying. Carlson, a patent attorney, had long dreamed of a machine that would eliminate the need for him to hand copy patent applications. Carlson, the inventor of xerography (modern copying) said he had a momentary “flash of inspiration” as he set out to experiment with dry copying. After he “became unpopular around the house” for filling his kitchen with plates full of burning sulfur Carlson finally had a break-through. On October 22nd, 1938 the words and numbers “Astoria 10-22-38” were successfully copied onto a piece of glass. It took full ten years for a company known as Haloid to develop Carlson’s invention into a product. Soon thereafter, Haloid renamed itself XEROX.

The spirit of innovation has never left XEROX. Among XEROX inventions are the first personal computers, the laser jet printing process, the computer mouse, and the first graphical displays. Today’s XEROX machines come equipped with fax, scanning, and Ethernet connections. XEROX’s cloud technologies can make managing your documents, copy machines, and supplies easy. Give us a call to find out more how your Houston company can put XEROX innovation to work for you.