Xerox WC6400 Faxing Issues

Xerox WC6400

We recently had a customer with a fax question, and before we answered them, we decided to reach out to our Xerox field engineer.  Learning all the ins and outs of copiers requires asking questions, so we are happy when our customers come to us with Houston Copier questions!

Our Question to our Rep:

I have a lapse of understanding necessary to do some of the installs I have been trying.  Some of the companies I now work with do not have traditional analog phone service and they want  the copiers to work with their VOIP provider.  The customer’s assumption is that since the VOIP lines are ethernet, faxing would also go through ethernet.  I thought that would not work because fax is analog and ethernet is digital (I could be wrong).  What is the correct protocol to get machines like the 3635, the 6400, the 8860MFP to work when a customer has a VOIP phone system?  I would like to have some degree of confidence that if a customer has VOIP in their office, they are able to consistently fax.  Thoughts?

Our Reps Answer to Us:

At this time none of our products support VOIP which like you mentioned would be over Ethernet. For traditional phone line faxing or analog faxing we require an analog phone line. Many customers are using a digital line converted to analog as well as a PBX that converts a VOIP to analog. When a digital line is converted to analog by a provider like a cable company or the like, typically there are no problems. Sometimes when customers are converting a VOIP connection to analog by using a PBX switch there can be issues with baud rates, and connection and handshake/ timing settings. If this is the case often times support can recommend settings that will work best for a product.

Hope this helps if you are experiencing fax issues with your Xerox Copier!