The Essentials of Successful Leasing

While there are horror stories of people who leased a copier, that does not always make leasing copiers a bad choice. However, you need to understand how to go about it. Before you sign that dotted line, always establish the capital value. If the monthly price seems higher in the long term, negotiate a better deal or look somewhere else.

In addition, avoid long contracts. Your typical lease contract will be about 60 months, and we do not recommend longer terms. Why? Because copiers don’t always have a proven track record of durability, and if you sign that 60-month lease term, you could have to pay for months on a machine that breaks down constantly. After you have signed the contract, a leasing company has no need to guarantee your satisfaction. They have no reason to help if your copier jams six times in a single day.

Also, learn the expiration date of your lease and give your notice of cancellation in advance. You want to avoid the evergreen clause that lets leasing companies automatically extend your original term. Finally, understand the needs and priorities of your business to lease the best copier. If you understand these things, you will have higher chances of success in leasing.