Used Copiers in Houston!

Maybe you are looking to buy a used copier.  We have some in stock, but before you laydown your hard earned cash on a used copy machine in Houston, you should know the answers to some basic copier questions/

  1. Do you need a color machine or a black and white copier?
  2. Do you need letter/legal or tabloid
  3. How old are you willing to look at?  Floor model or a 5 year old copying machine?
  4. What are your finishing requirements for your copy machine?
  5. What are your color quality requirements for your used copier?

It is odd, many companies are looking to save a buck and in order to do so, they’ll use almost anything.  Some of the used copiers out there are awesome and some should simply be recycled.  Before you run off to buy a used copier in Houston, here are some things to consider:

  • Used copiers are often cheaper up front, but not always, a lot of this depends on your actual usage needs.
  • If you are looking to buy a used color copier in Houston, we’d really recommend that you don’t look at that option too seriously.  Why?  Costs have come down substantially and quality has gone up over the last four years.  If you are only printing or copying a little bit, a Xerox Phaser 6180MFP for $799 might make a lot more sense than buying a floor model used color copier for $2500.
  • Make sure there is a service plan if you are going to buy a used copier in Houston!
  • Do some test prints, make sure the quality of the prints and copies are acceptable before you buy!

We do often get used copiers and can help you find a great deal, we just want to make sure the copier we sell you will keep you happy for the years to come here in Houston!