Are You Asking Questions?

The employees at Houston Copier work extremely vigilantly to try to understand the needs and wants of their potential clients before a company decides which copying device they would like to purchase. You (the client) must be fearless and knowledgeable in this process in order to choose the optimal device for your company. Invest time in discovering the answers to what you truly need and find valuable in a potential copying device. Don’t be afraid to answer questions such as:

• Does your company need to have the ability to copy in Tabloid prints vs. traditional 8.5” x 14” prints?
• What kind of finishing components, if any, do you want your potential copier to have the capability to produce (such as stapling)?
• What is your timeframe for researching and purchasing a new copying machine?
• Is there an older device that needs to be removed before the transition to the new device can be completed?
• How does your company approach the decision-making process when it comes to the purchase of large-ticket items such as a copying machine?

These are just a few examples of questions that you should be ready to share the answers of with your Houston Copier representative. Your sales agent at Houston Copier will be able to best serve your interests if your company thoroughly and completely defines your copying machine needs.