Are You Asking Your Copier Rep Questions?

Don’t be afraid to answer your rep’s questions

Your Houston Copier rep will ask you question, which you need to answer honestly for the best deal for you.

They’ll ask you if you need tabloid (11 x 17) capability in your printer or copier. Tabloid-sized copies represent a luxury, raising the cost of the copier.

They ask you if you need color. Again, color is a luxury, which raises the cost of the copier or printer.

Do you want to put this device on your office network as a networked printer and/or scanner?

Ask your Houston Copier rep about the costs of setting up your new device. These devices are not the office microwave and need specialized attention.

What features do you want on the output end? Do you want finishing or stapling?
You need to tell them what is your timeframe for this copier or printer. How soon do you really need it?

You also need to tell the rep who makes the decisions up the chain of command. You don’t help yourself if your Houston Copier rep asks for a decision and you keep telling them, “I’ll have to get back to you on that.”