Auditing Your Copier Leases

Why are Copier Lease Audits Essential?

Leasing office equipment has become a normal trend in today’s business world. Because copier lease agreements are more likely to be lost, we often find businesses that are still paying on copier leases that should have ended months or years ago. In some cases, the lease company automatically renews the copier lease, and no one is any the wiser.

Perhaps one of the most important services our Houston company offers is a free copier lease audit. What does that mean? It means we track and maintain your copier lease details. We continue tracking from the moment your lease starts to the moment it ends. Our small to medium-sized business owners especially like this service. We send reminders to tell them about when the copier lease ends. In addition, we advise our customers on the best decision to take if they need a new copier. If you do not receive a lease audit, your company could be paying an extra $500 per month. In a 24-month period, that is $12,000 down the drain, and that is why copier lease audits are vital.