Avoid the Free Upgrade

Why Avoiding “Free Upgrades” for Copiers in Houston is a Superb Business Tactic

“Free” is a word that countless companies use to market their products to consumers. As a business, you may even be aware of how this works. You offer something seemingly significant for free to justify the heightened cost of a service or product, which in turn makes it seem all the more appealing to consumers.

The thing you need to watch for is when this word is used in conjunction with copiers. “Free” upgrades are probably one of the most dangerous things you can purchase from a copier company in Houston.

The reason that free upgrades are such a danger to your company concerns how they can hinder the various mechanics that foster competition amongst your copier suppliers in Houston. This results in you buying into a lease contract that may ultimately cost you more money and that may provide more headache than it’s worth.

When you’re getting “free” upgrades, you’re getting the extra that your supplier made when they bought bulk products from a copier manufacturer. This means that you may be getting obsolete products that no longer have a valid warranty, and that may be facing their end-of-life sooner than later.

You also have to deal with a more complicated contract. A five-year lease makes things look simple, especially from a financial standpoint. “Free” describes the logistical headaches you’ll encounter with this model.

The last thing you lose out on is the ability to have suppliers of copier sin Houston competing for your business. This means that you lose out on getting the best quality, service and quantity for your dollar simply because you get something for “free”.

The bottom line is that “free upgrades” are anything but free.