Changing a Toner – Quickly

Xerox WC 7535

Xerox WC 7835

Changing a Toner Bottle in 10 Seconds

Ever get that alert on your touchscreen that you need to replace the toner? Your palms start sweating, and you feel a cold chill run up your spine. You look for the nearest exit sign. Run! Everybody run for your life! Wait…it does not have to be that bad. Instead, ask where the IT guy is. Why did he ever think to leave this complicated machine unsupervised? Even if you have zero tech knowledge, you can still change the toner bottle on your printer.

In step one, remove the front access panel located near the bottom in the center of the machine. You can fold the panel and pull the used toner towards you. Take it out while holding onto the tray. During step two, after you have located your new toner bottle, take off the red cap at the top of the bottle and toss it in the garbage. Next, place the bottle in the holding tray with the sticky tab of the bottle in the machine and pointing towards the ceiling.

With step three, push the holding tray back into the copier and close the front access panel. You will need to dispose of the old toner bottle in a recycling bin because this material can be recycled, and you want to reduce your carbon imprint on the earth. This is how you change the toner bottle without breaking a sweat.