Cheap color cost per print

Are you a Houston business that prints a lot of color?

If you print high volume color then you may have heard of Xerox’s new line called Colorqube. These copiers print at remarkably cost effective rates and can often save a lot on your total cost of ownership.

One of the features I would like to highlight is the three tiered billing that Xerox has introduced for these machines. It’s pretty darn innovative. Traditionally you were charged one cost for black and white and another for color prints. If a black and white had any color whatsoever you were charged as if it were color. Three tiered billing introduces a third option called useful color. This means that you can put a small amount of color on a mostly black and white print without paying full color cost. Pretty cool, right?

These copiers aren’t for everyone. You need to make sure that your TCO is competitive with other copiers so if you don’t do quite a bit of color then this probably isn’t the copier line for you.

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