Color Copiers in Houston

Over the years, we have watched copier trends come and go. We have noticed recently that more and more people want a color copier to replace their monochrome copier. A lot of the industry experts predict that in 10 years or less, the color copiers will outnumber the black and white by four to one. What led to this prediction? First, manufacturers prefer to sell color copiers because they sell more toner. They have dropped the price of color copiers to motivate customers’ decisions.

In addition, sales reps want to sell more color copiers because when manufacturers want to sell more of something, they provide us with greater financial incentive to align with their wishes. Finally, customers want color. While they do not always need it, they want the option to print color copies.

As more businesses buy color, others will have to fall in line to maintain a competitive edge. When you copy with color, it draws more attention. Because of all these reasons, copier sales representatives will attempt to sell customers color. However, we will sell you either, and we will not lie if you do not need it. Whether you need a color copier depends on your unique circumstances.