Color For Black And White Prices?! How About The Phaser 8860MFP For A Bargain Houston Copier?

Xerox may have been one of the first household or business water cooler names in the Houston copier industry, but it’s just coming into its own as it is now getting possible to get color for black and white prices with the Phaser 8860MFP! For a copier in Houston that can get ‘er done, give the Phaser 8860MFP a fair look. Leaving a small footprint, it’s the ideal copier for smaller offices without compromising the ability to really perform. At 30 pages a minute–you can get 1800 full color pages printed over your lunch hour!

The solid ink technology further lends itself to being useful in a smaller office space! Not only can you load more of the solid ink as it’s printing, you can store all your supplies in a desk drawer! And finding good deals on the solid ink gets a lot cheaper when you factor in low low shipping costs because of how small it is! Or if you want a cost per page contract and prompt, excellent service your local dealer is more than likely able to help you out with such an option. The flexibility and affordability in terms of total cost of ownership and inexpensive color makes the Phaser 8860MFP a mighty force in the Houston copier market!