Color Printing with Your Copier – Common Mistakes

toner-cartridgesCommon Color Print Mistakes and How to Avoid Them With Your houston Copier

When it comes to the typical Houston copier, there are a plethora of things that can go wrong. The good news is that many problems stem from common mistakes that can easily be avoided.

The most common mistakes tend to happen when color copiers are involved, though these mistakes tend to come from the 60-month contract that companies get locked into by their vendors. It forces them to pay exuberant fees for just a few thousand color prints a month.

To avoid this happening to you with your Houston copier, here are some tips you need to follow:

  • Assess your daily print volume. What kind of quality do you need? How many prints do you print on a daily basis?
  • Do tabloid prints cost more than letter-paper prints?
  • What kind of “penalties” does your contracted vendor make you pay? Something as simple as “Based on 20% coverage” can mean that your Houston copier supplier is forcing you to pay for 40% coverage instead.

When you have these questions answered, then you can evaluate what your color copier needs truly are. This will allow you to opt for more reliable companies that provide you plans with benefits like 100% coverage for the price of just 10% coverage.