Copier Coverage and How it Affects Your Houston Business

Understand the Coverage Section of Your Printing Contract and Save Money

Unfortunately, many Houston companies who use printers and copiers on a regular basis are losing thousands of dollars annually because they don’t understand the coverage section of the printer contracts they have with their Houston-based manufacturers. To make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck, follow these bits of advice.

1. Ensure that the contract you have for your copier does not have an up-charge for coverage greater than 20%. For instances in which this is already the case in your contract, just ensure that in the past, your coverage has been less than 5% with black and white printing and less than 20% with color printing.

2. Ask your printing rep to run some comprehensive print files form your company to make sure that they are making a true analysis of your color use.

3. Always use printers with no coverage restrictions for your prints with the highest coverage. Use an inexpensive printer for prints with low coverage.

4. Because tabloid sheets are two pieces of paper as one, know that you will be using two times as much toner for these documents, unless it is in your contract to only be 1 copy.

Following these four pieces of advice can save your Houston company thousands on copying and printing.