Copier Coverage

Houston business owners who better understand the concept of color coverage will be able to better negotiate with copier representatives and will also be able to better calculate the amount of toner they need on a monthly basis.

For example, they will understand that if they have a contract which assumes 20 percent coverage, they are not paying for coverage on 20 percent of all of the pages they print. Instead, the contract assumes that every page printed will have on average 5 percent of each color. All together, this would equal a total coverage of 20 percent.

Houston-based business owners who understand the simple concept of color coverage will often be in a better position than the copier sales reps they interact with. We say this because many copier sales reps have not taken the time to understand what color coverage percentages actually mean. So, at times, they will oversell their products or undersell them, not because they want to be deceptive, but because they simply have not taken the time to learn about this basic aspect of calculating monthly toner usage.