Copier Tips and Tricks

out-of-order-300x215Our Houston Sales and Leasing professionals strive to provide our customers with unparalleled service for all of their copier needs. Part of the service that we offer is to provide tips on our blog about how to properly maintain your copier and minimize the number of calls you need to make to a copier repair technician. The copier in your office is likely one of the most used pieces of equipment by your business. It runs day in and day out and it’s no wonder that at times it will malfunction. Here are a few copier tips and tricks for you to consider before picking up the phone!

The first of our copier tips and tricks and one of the most common copier malfunctions is the dreaded paper jam. The paper jam is pretty much inevitable due to the volume that most office copiers are expected to handle. The paper jam is an easy fix and doesn’t generally indicate that you need further repairs. Simply locate the paper jam and remove it slowly and gently, being careful not to tear or yank the paper in frustration.

Another one of our simple copier tips and tricks is to check your toner and ink cartridge levels regularly. Your copier works hard and ink and toner can run out before you know it. If you are seeing uneven print on your copies, you may want to take a minute to check the toner and ink levels. This is an easy fix and another way to avoid a call to your local copier technician.

We hope these copier tips and tricks are helpful!