Copier Tips: Ending your Lease

If you are on a copier lease then you should check to make sure you truly understand everything you need to in order to avoid fees. Many people only focus on what their responsibilities are when they are actually on their lease, but don’t consider what happens when it’s time to finish. Ending your copier lease correctly is an important step in making sure that you aren’t getting charged if you don’t need to be.

Ending your copier lease is about finding three different things in your lease and staying on top of them.

  1. Looking out for automatic rollover
  2. Understanding copier shipping
  3. Understanding how to package your office machine

Automatic rollover might be the most important thing to pay attention to. This gives your leasing company the ability to continue your lease past your termination date unless you specifically let them know you want to cancel. This can lead to you paying for extra months that you don’t want. Make sure you figure this out early in order to stay on time.

Copier shipping is a very overlooked part of most people’s leases. It is the job of the person who leased the copier to ship the machine back. Don’t assume your leasing company will grab your copier for you. This is hardly ever the case. Look into shipping plans early to avoid paying insane prices.

Finally, look at your manual and know how to package your copier. There is nothing worse than getting charged just because you did not put your toner in a plastic bag. This is possibly the simplest part of ending a copier lease, which is why you want to make sure you are doing it right.