Demo Copiers Are Great Christmas Presents for Your Business

Many copier companies will receive a certain number of units each year that qualify for what’s known as “demo pricing.”

All manufacturers run a demo copier program of some sort. They don’t use all the demos they have, so they can sell you a copier on the demo program for a lower price than they sell the regular units.

The problem is copier companies receive a limited number of units that qualify for the demo program, so the company needs to use them wisely. Sometimes they use these demo units on the showroom floor so customers can see them in action; other times, they’re looking for a huge deal.

What Is the Best Time to Shop for Demo Units?

Demo copier units are almost certain to be available to customers toward the end of the year. Ask your copier rep if they have a demo unit in stock, and they may be able to score you an early Christmas present.

Why Don’t Copier Reps Sell the Demo Units for Easier Sales?

Selling a reduced-price copier is always easier than selling one at full price, so why don’t copier reps do this?

A copier rep gets what’s called a “spiff,” meaning they make extra commissions on their checks, each time they sell a new copier. This spiff can be as high as $400 per unit they sell.

Unfortunately, copiers on the demo program don’t qualify for spiffs.

If a copier rep has the decision to save you $1,000 on your copier or to make an extra $400 on selling a new copier, he’s going to take the $400 every time.

How Can You Find Out If a Demo Copier Is Available for Purchase?

All you need to do to find out if a copier is available is to ask.

You instantly let the rep know you‘re looking for a great deal on a copier by asking. Even if a demo unit isn’t available at that time, you can save 10% or more on your copier purchase.

Asking about demo copier availability tells the copier rep that you care about how much the copier costs. As a result, you’re more likely to get a fair price than if you asked for a quote at the start.