Document Management in Houston

Xerox WC6400

Copier Houston Firm Providing Broad DM Retrieval Options
Document management systems involve a plethora of features in addition to simply scanning and storing paper documents in electronic form. Knowing how the data is stored and how the data can be retrieved is critical when selecting a copier Houston firm.

Is the data stored in an open format, or in a proprietary format? This is one of the most basic features you should keep in mind. Can you take the data and transfer it to another document management system, or to a completely different document format entirely? Can you access the document via Microsoft Office for example, or easily translate this document into rich text format, XML, HTML, PDF, or even plain text?

These factors might not seem as important during the initial capture as they are during the retrieval phase, where you will be faced with a number of challenges if the document management system doesn’t allow you access to the data within in the format you need. Make sure you find a copier Houston firm that can vouch for the export data formats in its document management solutions.