What to do at the End of Your Copier Lease


So, your copier lease is coming to an end and you are excited to get a new machine for your office. There is new technology and you think that an upgrade could really help your business grow. Then, shortly before your copier lease is finished you get a bill for additional months. What happened? Well, you did not take the necessary steps to terminate your lease. At Copier Houston we do not want you to be tricked, so we wrote this article to help you understand what to do at the end of your copier lease.

In the situation above, the lease for the copier most likely had a provision allowing for continued billing unless otherwise specified. What this means is that unless you provide writing to terminate the lease, then the company will keep charging you. Unfortunately, once they charge you, you have very little opportunity for recourse.

Here is what you need to do at the end of your copier lease to make sure everything goes smoothly.


  1. Look closely at your lease and find if there is a provision to allow continued billing. Not all leasing companies include this, but many do because it is a good way for them to earn a little extra cash without you knowing it. Find the date you need to terminate your contract and write it on a calendar.
  2. When the date arrives make sure to reach out to your leasing company. They will not remind you that your lease will be renewed because they will earn money. Write a letter stating that you are terminating you lease. This usually needs to be done between 45-90 days before your lease is up.
  3. Find out if the leasing company will take care of shipment. Most of the time this is the case, but make sure that you will not be charged for something you were not aware of.
  4. Pack up the toner and other pieces. Toner can stain and cause damage to a number of material. Make sure that all parts are packaged as stated in the user guide. There should be a section explaining how to return your copier.

Knowledge is power, and most leasing companies go out of their way to make sure you know as little as possible. We want to help you save money and have a great experience with our copiers.

If you have any more questions about returning your copier then please give us a call at Copier Houston today!