Fault Code 016-426 Revisited

There is an updated fix for the fault code 016-426 that is being seen on some of the PrimeLink, WorkCentre 6515, AltaLink and Phaser 6510 printers that have been released. To accommodate this, a new Xerox Certificate Remediation Utility (XCRU) is available to push the fix to the certificates to your printers that would be affected by the updated code.

Along with the utility, there is a user guide in the .Zip file to help explain the prerequisites. The guide will also provide you with a list of compatible products, and how to install and use the utility. We recommend reading the user guide completely before using the Xerox Certificate Remediation Utility. Please also check the firmware that is installed on your printer to make sure that it is compatible with the utility.

By installing the utility, it should make it easier to install the fix the fault code on multiple printers. You can find the utility on the support page for the model of your printer displaying the fault or needing the certificate to be updated.

Select the Drivers & Downloads on the support page then scroll down to Utilities & Applications where you will find the XRCY. Net, download the .ZIP file and find the user guide in your preferred language.

Due to a newly expired firmware certificate, Xerox has seen that some installed devices are displaying the fault code 016-426 and not connecting to the Xerox Global Remote Services system. With the loss of communication, Xerox devices also stopped reporting meter reads, maintenance information and even supply replenishment information which can impact your billing and prohibit you from receiving supplies.

While the original clone file was tested and published, it was only applied for one machine at a time. Save time by using the new XCRU and install the certificate to all of your printers to make sure your devices are running efficiently.

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