Fixing a Troublesome Paper Jam

It is a scene we are all familiar with: you are on the last stretch for a deadline and you only have to print out some last minute documents, when suddenly a paper jam stops you in your tracks. It can feel like a bad dream, where everything is going wrong at once. While paper jams can be an inconvenience, they, luckily, can easily remedied. We want to help make sure fixing a troublesome paper jam doesn’t knock you down for too long.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the problem is only a paper jam. Paper jams are fairly common and are frequently the only issue. As long as you follow some easy steps you can often solve the issue of fixing a troublesome paper jam without having to call a technician.

  1. Find the Jam. Look in the paper tray for any loose paper that may be stuck. The paper tray is usually where to jam is located. However, if the trouble maker is not in the paper tray then you may need to open the printer itself.
  2. Slowly remove the torn paper causing the jam. It is very important to remember to be careful and move slowly when removing the cause of the paper jam. Do not yank or pull on the paper. Doing this could cause addition damage to your copier and put you further back then you began. Look for smaller, torn pieces that may not be as easy to see upon initial inspection.
  3. Clean the print heads. If you are still experiencing difficulties after removing the paper then you may need to run a cleaning program. Doing this will likely remove any excess dust, or paper scraps that may still be trapped inside.

If you follow these steps but your printer continues to cause you trouble then please gives us a call. We would be happy to help you with troubleshooting other solutions. We also have certified technicians available to come look at the issue if the problem cannot be solved on your own.