General Information On Leasing A Copier In Houston

The most important aspect of leasing a Houston copier is knowing exactly what it is costing you--too many people are comfortable with numbers they don't understand! Don't be one of them.

Leasing a copier in Houston poses challenges, but there can also be a payoff of sorts. The brutal truth of leasing is that you will pay more over the life of the lease or copier than buying in almost all cases on comparable copiers. The reason for this is the financing charges–because leasing companies don’t like to hand out interest free loans! Another reason is that once you sign the contract, you can’t shop around for cheaper supplies or compatible toner that come out after market.

There is also supply cost on your Houston copier–and this can be good or bad depending on your perspective. It can be beneficial because you don’t have to worry about service–you just call a number whenever you have a problem! The downside can be that you’re paying fairly expensive service costs and can’t shop around–you eliminate competition when you sign a lease.

There are these and more factors to consider, and it previous and future articles we cover FMV leases, $1 buyout leases, whether or not you should lease, lease rate ladders, and more tips for your Houston copier leasing or buying experience. The main reason you should lease a Houston copier, in conclusion, is only if cash flow is an issue. You can get service and supplies without a lease, but be careful on your lease contract! Call for more details and our reps would be happy to assist you.