Getting Out of a Bad Lease

If you are in Houston and have a bad copier lease going, the solution is not upgrading with that company to get out of it.  Leases are interesting. People will look at their lease payments and start to see that maybe they are not getting the best deal, when they call the financing company, that company will place a call to the local Houston copier company that sold you the copier and then you will start to get offers to get a new copier in there and they’ll take care of the remaining payments on the lease as they roll you into the new machine.  One of the most common arguments is that you will save a bunch based on new technology.  Just be aware of this, if you are rolling a lease into another copier, then you are paying the remaining balance by having the left over added to the new copier.  This compounds and snowballs to where you can be paying top dollar for a crappy copier.

The best thing to do for most Houston companies is to wait out the current lease and then allow real competition happen between multiple copier vendors.

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