Getting the Copier You Want

There are a lot of different kinds of copier and copier accessories out there these days, and this can make the decision process very complicated. This becomes even more complicated when you and your office don’t have a very good idea about what it is your office will need to get out of a copier. We have seen many instances 8700when people have gotten a copier with all the various kinds of copier accessories and then not need them, but we’ve also seen people get the stripped down copier and end up needing more accessories than they had anticipated. This is why it is so important that people get clear about what they need their copier to be able to do. Here are a few questions that will help in making a decision about their new copier:

What does our current device do and not do that we need from our new device?

Will our office use tabloid printing?

Will we be using finishing enough to justify spending extra money on it?

When will we need to have the copier by?

What is our companies decision process like? Who do I need to involve in the decision process so that it will go smoothly and make everyone happy when we get the device?

Asking yourself these kinds of questions will help you get the copier want, in part, because it will give your sales rep a good idea about what kind of copier will be appropriate for you. Please give us a call at (713) 481-4475 and we would love the opportunity to get your Houston area company the copier that they will love.