Getting Your Copier in Sync: Quality Copies

Does every copy you make seem to get worse? While copiers do have their limits, there are a couple guidelines that can help you to get quality prints every time. The most important step to increasing the quality of your prints is choosing good paper. If you buy the cheap stuff, you should understand that there will be a definite difference. Also, laser paper will differ from inkjet paper, so you should use paper based on your copier. Some machines will handle thicker paper better than others, and we recommend experimenting with different paper types to discover the best choice for you.

When you go to load the paper, make sure that you have unbent and cleanly stacked paper. We have seen so many coworkers who crammed whatever they could into the copier, and then they wondered why the machine jammed or their prints looked bad. Select the lightness setting that will be most appropriate to your copier. For example, if you plan to print something from the newspaper, then lightening the copy by adjusting the machine settings will lead to better print quality. Light and fine text should be darkened while darker colored backgrounds should be printed with a varying shade of gray. printer-790396_640