Houston Copier Sales 101

If you are looking to buy a copier in Houston, there are some basic things you should know before you even pick up the phone to call your trusted copier sales rep!

  • On average Tabloid capability will cost you $3,000 more than Letter/Legal capability
  • On average a stapler/finisher costs $1200
  • On average fax capability is an additional $500
  • On average hole punch is another $500

Why does this matter?  Because these numbers alone indicate you would spend an extra $5,200 if you just needed a simple letter/legal copier in Houston and bought the “full monte”

The normal copier rep will just ask you if you need this without explaining what it costs.  You may think after learning stapling is $1500, “our people can do that by hand” — If the copier rep simply asks, “do you need finishing?” you may say yes if you didn’t know the costs of this accessory.

If you would like a cost effective copier quote for your Houston company, please give us a call!