Houston Copier Buying Tips

Houston Copier Tip of the Day: Know What You Want to do With Your New Device

Before purchasing a new copying device from Houston Copier, your company should question what various capabilities and functions your copying machine should be equipped with. Examples of decisions that need to be made before the initial purchasing of a copying device from Houston Copier include:

• Does your copier need to be able to scan documents or simply copy them?
• Does your copier need to have the ability to print from devices over a network?
• Do you want to be able to scan to folders using bar codes to have the copying jobs automatically routed?
• Do you need the ability to fax documents? If you do, how many documents do you need to fax and at what frequency will you need to fax them?
• Would you like your copier to be able to copy in color?
• Will you need the ability to print Tabloid copies or exclusively 8.5” x 14” copies?
• Do you need any special finishing functions such as stapling in various different positions?

The more information you can gather before a purchasing decision is made, the more cost-effective and simple the process will become. If you do not research the copier’s capabilities, you will most definitely end up purchasing many worthless accessories and functions. Additionally, if you plan on needing your new device to communicate with a network outside of the Houston metropolis area, be sure to have your IT department give Houston Copier the Subnet, Gateway, and IP address they want you to use here in Houston.