Houston Copier Installation Services

One of the biggest mistakes that the employees at Houston Copier sees companies making time and time again is forgoing professional set-up of their new device in an attempt to save on initial “set-up” fees. Companies assume that “Bob in the IT Department will be able to set-up the new device for free and he is plenty capable”. The truth is that Bob from the IT Department is probably overloaded with projects already, and, furthermore, Bob has probably never set up this type of copier ever before so he is bound to struggle with the installation.

Alternatively, paying a few extra hundred dollars to have the professionals at Houston Copier install the new copier is not only time-saving, but also cost-efficient. The device will be set-up to perform all the functions that your company requires and employees will be trained in how to most efficiently use the new machine. Additionally, Bob will not have to struggle to install a $7000 device that he is not familiar with.

The employees at Houston Copier want to leave you with one last thought: remember, “free set-up” actually translates into “included”. Nothing is ever free; it is simply built into the final cost of the copier.