How a Photocopier Works

Photocopiers for Dummies

The excitement of your first day on the job overwhelms you. You have a new office, new coworkers and a new position. While you feel exhilarated, you are not as technologically gifted as your peers. The boss just asked you to copy a document. What do you do? Learning what makes printers and copiers tick and what occurs as it copies off documents helps the process. What happens when you hit the start button?

The answer has to do with static electricity. When you photocopy something, the toner or ink develops a charge and sticks to the drum. As the paper goes through the printer, the toner reaches the paper through static electricity. After this occurs, the toner fuses to the paper through the use of heat because the toner particles are sensitive to heat. In addition, you can ask a fellow coworker to help you learn the ropes. After using the copier a few times, you start to develop a knack for the basics. You can also visit our Houston copier business to learn how to use them better.