How Can A FMV Lease Help Or Hurt On A Copier In Houston?

FMV leases on your Houston copier can help save up front, but how about long term?

With all the factors to consider when leasing a copier in Houston, it can be an overwhelming and daunting task. First of all, what is an FMV lease? It just means that at the end of your copier lease, you have the option to buy the copier at “fair market value.”

The interesting thing about fair market value–and this is my least favorite part of these leases–is that the leasing company decides what fair market value is! So you have a copier that you’re used to, and a copier that you’ll have to pay a lot to send back, and you have the option to just keep on keeping on with it…..but at someone else’s price!

You can see the leverage they have–but you also have the authority to say no and send it back at your expense. So it’s up to you in the end, but the copier company or leasing company is usually going to try to stack the odds of you buying it or making higher monthly payments in their favor.

The FMV lease on a Houston copier is a decent choice if you’re trying to reduce your up front costs of a copier, but in order to keep your options open (what if you don’t like the copier?) we recommend a 3 year lease with higher payments so you can keep the option of purchasing it, decide whether or not you like it, and pay less in financing costs! This is the best way to leverage a FMV lease in your favor and to keep control of the bargaining on your Houston copier!