How Lease Costs are Determined

How Copier Companies Figure Lease Payments

To figure out the monthly lease payments, the salesperson first checks the rate factor from the leasing company. Different companies will have different rates, and they change with the term of the lease. In addition, the dollar amount changes the rate factor.Leasing companies provide dealers with the rate factor. For example, if you have a rate factor of .0200, that means that you will pay $20 for every thousand dollars. You will then multiply $20 by 35.517, which will give you the monthly payment of $710.34. However, this does not factor supplies or technician servicing into the equation. In some cases, the salesperson will attempt to get you to focus on the lower monthly payments to keep you from seeing the actual cost.

The bottom line: If you believe you are paying too much for a lease, you probably are. Never sign a lease if you do not feel comfortable. What many people fail to understand is that they are signing a contract that locks them into payments. For further information, visit our Houston copier business. We have the knowledge that can help you to receive the best deals on leases.