How to Move Your Copier

You should always err on the side of caution when moving your office technology. Protect your investment: We recommend bubble-wrapping everything. It may seem excessive, but you paid a lot of money for your copier, and you do not want to risk having to pay for it again. What else should you keep in mind for a general office move? First, clear out your older files and move your unneeded items before you move. If you have paper documents that you no longer need, we recommend disposing of the files in a secure manner.

If you want to free up some of your office space, we recommend using electronic storage as a safe and cost-effective method of eliminating some of your file cabinets. If you are planning a big move from the office, we never recommend taking this on yourself. You should hire a professional mover who specializes in moving office equipment. They will understand how to move your equipment without damaging it. A general mover could do the job, but they do not understand enough about copiers to truly reduce the risk of damage.

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