Lifesaving Tips for Moving a Copier

Moving a copier, especially the larger units, can become a dangerous and cumbersome task. In addition, you want to move it carefully to reduce your chances of damaging the internal components.

Here some tips for moving a copier:

First, take out the consumables if you plan to ship the copier. This ensures that the toner will not splash around and damage the inside of the copier.

If you decide to transport it using a vehicle, strap it down tightly to decrease the amount of shifting. Higher amounts of movement in the copier can increase the chances of expensive damage. You want to place the copier on a solid and level surface. Read the manufacturer guidelines for transport of your specific model because learning one specific recommendation can save yourself thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Finally, do your best to keep moving the copier to an absolute minimum. Although most people have no problem with this when dealing with a heavier unit, a large-sized copier should be moved as little as possible because it risks damage to the inner mechanism, and you risk injury if it falls on you. Want to learn more tips about copiers? Call today!