Maximizing Your Copiers Output in Houston

Are you getting Less Than you Expect from Your Copier in Houston?

Has your toner got finished earlier than you expected, yet the pages printed are less than what you normally print? Well, you need to understand a concept called page yield. Each toner cartridge comes with a specific page yield that determines the number of pages you can copy.

Black and White vs. Colored Page Yields

Most black and white page prints have a page yield of 5 percent. This means that toner will cover only 5 percent of the page.

Color toner comes with page yield of 20 percent. Here, each color that makes up the toner covers 5 percent of the page. This means that cyan, yellow, magenta and black will each over 5 percent of the page.

What if You Need Higher Page Yield?

Let’s say you are in a situation that requires a higher page yield, what do you do? Well, you will most definitely copy fewer pages as expected. For example, if a 6,000-page cartridge does 20 percent coverage instead of 5 percent coverage, expect only 1,500 pages before the cartridge expends.

So, take time to understand page yield of your toner and know what output to expect.