Mobile Printing – Increase Productivity

front-imageMobile Printing: Amp up Productivity

According to InfoTrends, the biggest barrier to printing on a mobile device comes down to connectivity problems associated with the printer. We have seen many office workers who do not print from their mobile device because they do not believe it is worth the hassle. However, it does not have to be that difficult.

Nowadays, everyone will tell you that there is an app for that, and if you have a Smartphone, there is an app for printing on your mobile. You do have to keep in mind that connectivity and support will vary, but if you want office workers to amp up their productivity, you can do it by encouraging them to print using a tablet or phone. Instead of feeling tethered to an office location, you will always have immediate access to your networked PC and printer.

During 2013, they estimated that 40 percent of employees use Smartphones to print on the job, and by the end of 2016, they expect that number to rise to 56 percent. Having the option to print from any device at any time gives you a competitive edge. Employees already use their Smartphone, so why not take advantage of the technology? It will lead to a more productive work environment and savings in time and money. As the responsibility of a higher workload increase, you want to provide employees with greater convenience.