Mobile Printing

There are a lot of different misconceptions about what mobile printing is exactly. When a lot of our customers request that their new copier have mobile printing as an option, they actually want what is actually called copier_girl“networking.” This is simply that they are able to print from a laptop or that they be able to connect with their copier wirelessly. 

There are actual apps that allow people to print documents directly from their mobile devices, but these apps can be limited in that some of them can only print PDF’s or word documents, and so some people see them as being restricting and are less inclined to use them. We have found, however, that if people do give the apps a try, they find them useful for at least some of their printing to be made easier.

Another way of executing mobile prints, is for the copier to be able to receive and print documents directly from the emails.

If your Houston area business is looking to get a new copier that will allow you to be able to print from remote locations, please give us a call at (713) 481-4475 and we would love to be able to work with your business.