More ideas on document management

Save money on indexing in Houston

The more we work with businesses on document management the more we realize that indexing is big concern. We hear someone say something like “This all sounds great, document management is going to make our lives easy…but who is going to put all that information in?”

This is an understandable point. Scanning years of physical documents into electronic form is a big task and can seem overwhelming. What’s more is that document management companies usually charge thousands of dollars if you want them to do it. So we have come up with a simple, cost effective solution. Hire a high-school kid to do it!

If you have a good doc management system, a high school student is more than capable of managing the task. They get some pocket money and you get your job done for a realistic number. We estimate that a drawer of papers a day is reasonable, and at that rate you will have it all converted in no time.

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