New Copier? Maybe You Just Need New Paper —

The Importance of Paper in Houston

The Houston weather can do a number on all types of material. The swing in temperature and humidity will wrinkle clothing and make skin stick to leather car interiors. This will also help age and yellow the paper that is so essential to the existence of a copier. These tips will help keep your paper supply maintained and guarantee long life for the machine.

Keep paper away from the elements

Moisture and paper do not get along. Keeping your copier paper dry isn’t hard. If there is paper left over from a ream, store this paper in a bag or a container. Don’t open another ream unless every other piece of loose copy paper is already used.

Turn the light off when not in the supply room

Do you ever wonder why a supply room is dark? This is to keep the supplies from artificially aging. Light will yellow paper, aging it fast. Be sure to keep the light off for better paper quality.

Only buy good paper stock

Cheap paper can lead to a buildup of debris inside the copier. This isn’t good and can lead to malfunctioning parts and paper jams.

Do you have any questions about copier, paper, or copier maintenance? Give us a call. We’d love to talk.