New or Used Copier?

New vs. Used Copiers

Business owners will eventually have to confront the issue of whether they should purchase a new or used copier. On the one hand, you have the reduced price in used technology, and on the other hand, you have newer technology that features the latest improvements to productivity and performance.

However, for most businesses, buying a used copier will not be the best route to take because finding the parts and supplies becomes a tedious affair. In addition, you will have to consider repairs and maintenance, which your average service plan will not cover. Used copiers have a higher likelihood of experiencing issues, and that can lead to hefty expenses for business owners. Not to mention, the downtime that your business will encounter. Does it seem worth it?

Nevertheless, we are painting an accurate picture of used copiers for customers, and if you only plan to use it for occasional copies, a used copier can save you a bundle at the start. Whether you should buy one depends on how long you plan to use it. Without a service contract, on-site services can cost $60 per hour, and this does not include parts. When it comes to office technology, always be wary when you see that something costs less. Find out why it costs less before you reach the point of no return.