New Xerox Copiers Out There – With ConnectKey

Xerox has come out with some new copiers and the copiers have something called “ConnectKey.”  ConnectKey is a platform which makes customization easier on the WorkCentre Copiers.  It works similar to how apps work on a cell phone.  There is an intuitive interface and a way to connect the copier to various apps out there or to standardize on a particular setup that gets used across a whole organization.

Some of the benefits of Connect Key include cloning, anti-virus protection, remote control panel login for IT Staff along with a great looking interface and connection to your office environment like never before.  Buttons on the screen can even be customized with pictures or company announcements.

If you want a copier which will help your organization be efficient, please give us a call today to learn about how the Connect Key platform makes the WorkCentre 6655, The WorkCentre 4265 and other copiers easier to use.