Who at the Office Will Be Responsible for Your Print Technology?

busy-copyDo you feel like you have made your printing as efficient as possible? For a lot of business owners, it feels more like a whack-a-mole game where you are hoping for the best. When a toner cartridge goes empty, you order more, but sometimes it feels more like your print technology always becomes an afterthought. You want to avoid that situation where you are left wondering who of your employees will be responsible for when the printer goes down.

First, you want to pick the right person. Ask yourself who has the time to conduct these affairs? Managing printing and the technology will take time, but taking responsibility for it becomes a natural part of your business. The point person should have comfort with the technology so that they will know how to save you the most cash. You want to communicate their role through email or a meeting. Even a bulletin board that establishes them as the go-to person. After you have put the plans in place, you will want to create a system of escalation where people understand what to do if the printer fails. First, pick the right person for the job, and this will include making the print technology better. You also want to ensure that the employee has time to manage these responsibilities because their schedule will play an important role. Again, don’t forget about the importance of communicating your changes to the standard operating procedures so that everyone is on the same page.