Our new partner in document management

We have now partnered with M-Files in Houston

I’m proud to announce, that we have decided to partner with M-Files as our document management solution. Document management is a term that has been used for a while and has referred to different processes. To avoid confusion, by document management I do not mean “scan to network”. M-Files stores your data, tracks any changes made to it, and organizes all your files so that they are simple to find when you need them. Systems such as this are more commonly coming to be known as Enterprise Content Management.

M-Files is can easily be linked to Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, and many other CRMs. This system is a great fit for businesses trying to gain their ISO 9001 or ISO14001 compliance and it’s great for pharm companies that want to make sure that they are keeping FDA quality standards.

From what we’ve seen law offices, companies using QMS licenses, and of course the above mentioned businesses find the M-Files ECM to be very useful. This isn’t an easy subject to fit into a quick article, if you have questions we have a very informative M-Files presentation that will help answer questions, and bring up ways that M-Files enterprise content management can make you more efficient.

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