Ozone Emissions a Concern?

Copiers and Ozone Emissions

Do you ever wonder why so many copiers are separated from the main office area? There always seems to be a room that is dedicated just for the copier. Why does this machine receive such treatment? One of the reasons is easy access for the entire office. Another is because many copiers can be harmful to your health.

What is the danger?

The process that many copiers use to attach images to paper produces volatile organic compounds. Many VOCs aren’t dangerous to humans, but a good amount of copiers produce a VOC called ozone. Ozone isn’t good for a human to breathe over a long amount of time. Copiers that emit ozone are kept away from the general population of an office for health reasons.

Effects of ozone

Ozone primarily hurts the lungs. Over a long period, ozone can cause asthma to be aggravated, coughing and pain when breathing, and eventual lung damage. This isn’t a substance that should be inhaled by anyone.

Which copiers emit ozone?

The easiest way to check if your copier has an ozone issue is to ask about the cost of the corona wire. This is a necessary component in copiers to attach the image to the paper. If your copier has this part, ozone comes from the machine.