Questions for your Leasing Agent

Getting a good copier lease is not just about getting an office machine that you like. It’s also about making sure that you are working with a company that you get along with. You are signing into a multiyear agreement so you want to make sure that you like the people you are working with. Having some questions for your leasing agent before you sign anything can help you make sure you trust the person you are working with.

These are just a few questions to get your started, but it can give you a good example of the kind of person you are working with. Make sure that you get straight answers and make sure they are telling you’re the whole truth. If they try to fast talk you out of certain aspects of your lease then they may not be telling you everything you need to know.

  1. What is the true monthly cost of my lease? Make sure that you understand all the fees, charges, and payments that you are expected to make. Don’t just take the lease price as your only price. Have them give you a total breakdown of what you are paying for every month.
  2. What time restraints will I be dealing with? This is mostly in regards to getting help with your copier when you need it. Will someone always be available to help me, or can I only get help during specific hours? Who will be helping me with maintenance and how long will it take for them to get out to your office? How long will it take to get parts in if you need something replaced?
  3. What happens at the end of the lease? Don’t just assume that your company will take care of everything when your lease ends. Understand what you are responsible for before you sign anything.